Sandee Beal, Founder & Clinical Director EAP

Sandee Beal, MS, LMFT, recently launched a number of Equine Assisted Therapeutic Programs at her Luna Tesoro Ranch location. Sandee is the founder and Clinical Director, and will be spearheading Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as a treatment modality for her current private practice, Living Life Counseling and Coaching.

Sandee’s passion for people and animals began on a “ranch” of sorts in suburban Orlando Florida where she grew up with her native Colombian parents and four older brothers. Sandee recalls her mom regularly inviting a variety of people home to join in with their family, both short and longer term. Alternatively, her dad would regularly bring home an assortment of otherwise stray animals; a rabbit, a pig… then brother Diego a snake, a dog, and brother John, a flying squirrel! …well you get the picture… a vibrant house full of diverse relationships, indeed!

One of Sandee’s most jubilant memories was when brother Diego surprised her, on her birthday, with her very first horse that he transported from Texas to Florida. From that point forward, Sandee began to dream about a “real ranch” of her own some day with horses and many, many more of God’s living creatures.

Sandee spent many years of schooling in universities and exploring the world engaging people and animals; camels in Israel, Iguanas in Costa Rica, pet Bats and Monkeys in Indonesia… Sandee settled in San Diego CA, 10 years ago at Luna Tesoro Ranch, where she enjoys her warm-hearted animals.

While pondering the right timing & thinking about the power of horses as interactive therapy tools, Sandee started reading an article in her counseling office one afternoon. “One hour in the barn = five hours on the sofa.” This sparked the fire that led to Sandee purchasing her first, previously trained therapeutic horse.

Luna Tesoro Ranch is now home to intuitive therapeutic horses and a fantastic growing staff. Our services include EAP, Growth & Empowerment, riding lessons and horsemanship clinics.


Years in Practice: 10 Years
School: UCLA
License No. #80924 and State: 52248 California

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