Life Coaching

We use a strength-based approach to help you gain better understanding of  why you think and feel the way you  do. Strategies are  created  to move beyond difficult feelings, so that you learn to operate out of your new found strengths. You will experience a loving, caring, & non-judgmental environment. Sandee is fond of saying “go swimmingly” to her clients, which means move on successfully and effortlessly in your own unique strength.


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Through coaching we empower you to create the new future you desire. There is normally some clutter in-between where you are now and where you want to be – often a combination of mental, emotional and physical. Together we simply clear the clutter and close the gap between you and your goal. Our job is to deeply listen, ask powerful questions that invite discovery and unpack inner truth. You will experience life clarity, generate action steps, and implement meaningful solutions that drive your success.  


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Living Life Counseling and Coaching