Welcome to Living Life Coaching and Counseling. Come Join us this month for our Productive Seminar on how to bring organization into your life.  Come experience this magical seminar that will transform in how you live life and how to find new joy in simple organization.

Is it possible to feel a magical sense of well being, even joy, each time you enter your home or living space? Yes, and yes!

This 4-week workshop will propel you into action as you master the artful process of de-cluttering & tidying your living space. We will apply the KonMari Method and learn that it is not merely a lack of skills that cause clutter and imbalance in our living spaces. Lasting success is dependent on transforming our mind-set.

Misty Stansbury will be your coach and cheerleader as we set the stage, then do the work of restoring balance to create life changing results.


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