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Whole Life Coaching is a powerful process.  Choose any area in your life in which you want to see specific change. With a life coach determine where you are now and where you would like to be; what movement you desire to see. The coach and coachee, together identify blocks and remove the clutter (mental, emotional, physical) between you and your goal.  Together we close the gap using powerful questions that invite discovery and bring clarity. We add to that accountability and cheerleading and soon you are exactly where you want to be!


At one point in my own journey a light bulb went on. The realization that people have the answers to their own life issues struck me. It is not mine to solve another’s problem or to provide answers to one’s unique life challenges. Through whole life coaching & spiritual direction training, I learned to ask powerful questions, which empower people to find their inner voice. I learned to become a skilled listener. I discovered a pathway to overcoming my own obstacles by pushing through life issues with strength and courage.  I started on a road to victorious living!


After spending years passionately reading books, attending lectures and seminars of psychology, self-help, spiritual exploration, lay counsel and motivational training, I was led to a discipline known as Spiritual Direction. Its origin is rooted in Christian Mysticism.  I spent two years in a training program known as Centerpoint, a member of Spiritual Directors International, held at La Casa De Maria Center in Santa Barbara, CA. Since then, I have spent 12 years and counting charting my course with a spiritual director and duplicating the practice with others on their journey. Soon after Centerpoint, I began coursework for Whole Life Coaching through The Institute for Life Coach Training and received their Foundational Certificate. I am now completing the final steps for accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.


The Whole Life Coaching process can provide fast measurable results in any area of personal challenge or desired growth when one is motivated for action.


The Whole Life Coaching cycle I practice usually consists of a one-month commitment – 3 weekly sessions by phone (or in person, if desired) with the fourth week normally “off” for coachee evaluation. The cycle repeats until the coachee has reached their desired outcome. Digital communication and brief phone calls between the coach and coachee are part of this process. Alternatively, Spiritual Direction is normally a long-term relationship between director and directee, focused on the client seeking out ongoing deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment.  Although each discipline is practiced separately, I find one compliments the other.  Thus I am available to come along side through one or both practices depending on the desire and need of each client.


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