Discover Mindfulness:
Power is in the Present


Discover Mindfulness:
Power is in the Present


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Is it possible to encounter the present moment in such a way that enables you to determine, achieve, and maintain optimum levels of intelligence, mental health, peace, and happiness, as well as prevent sickness in your body and mind? Yes, and yes!
You have extraordinary ability, through intention and attention to gain control of your thoughts and feelings, and in doing so, change the programming and chemistry of your brain. Practicing Mindfulness will free you from harmful emotional ruts and mindless habits in order to live with full awareness and wisdom. This 4-week workshop will draw you into the powerful, scientifically-proven practice of Mindfulness.

Misty Stansbury will be your coach and cheerleader as we set the stage, then begin the work of renewing your mind to create life changing results. This workshop is offered on an ongoing basis, contact us for a future date.

Additional Information

Workshop Times

2pm to 4pm -or- 6pm to 8pm

On Going Workshops:

Various upcoming workshop dates available. Four one-day Workshop runs for 4 consecutive weeks- both mid-day and evening workshops available.

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Additional Information:

If you find you are feeling stuck or blocked in some way that is preventing you from moving forward freely through the workshop material, you may benefit from one or more private coaching sessions. Together we will invite discovery and gain clarity on whatever is blocking you from your desired result or goal.

4-week workshops are $120. If you want to add a private coaching session while enrolled concurrently in a workshop, you will receive a discounted rate of $55 per hour long session. My normal private coaching fee per session is $65 or $175 per month which includes – Three 50-minute private sessions, emails between sessions and brief 10 minute ‘spot calls’ to ask questions, regain focus or share successes. The fourth week is used for your own thoughtful evaluation of the coaching process to determine how effective it is in moving you toward your desired result or goal. A decision is then made as to whether we extend our coaching relationship for an additional month.

Event Details

Date: 2 August 2016

Start time: 06:30

End time: 08:00

Venue: 127 E Lexington Ave, El Cajon

Directions: Take the 8 Freeway towards El Cajon, Exit at Magnolia Ave, head South to Lexington and take a left to 127 Lexington Ave.

Phone: (310) 699-2807

Email: info@livinglifecc.com


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