KonMari Personal Declutter- Holiday Special


KonMari Personal Declutter- Holiday Special

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Product Description

Is it possible to feel a magical sense of well being, even joy, each time you enter your home or living space? Yes, and yes!
This 4-week workshop will spring you into action as you master the artful process of de-cluttering & tidying your living space. We will apply the KonMari Method and learn that it is not merely a lack of skills that cause clutter and imbalance in our living spaces. Lasting success is dependent on transforming our mind-set.

Misty Stansbury will be your coach and cheerleader as we set the stage, then work through a 21-day jump start to restore balance to your living space, creating life changing results.

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Cost: $600 minimum ($550 with Door Hanger coupon) or $.50 per square foot, whichever is higher, including garage. Client pays 50% at start of DeClutter service & 50% at completion. This price includes a maximum of 10-hours on-site with the DeClutter Coach (normally three 3-hour sessions). Plus, between on-site sessions, emails and 10-minute “spot calls” to ask questions, regain focus or share successes.

Pre-House DeClutter Stage: With completion of contractual agreement, Client receives the Syllabus to read and prepare logistically and emotionally for DeCluttering the house. Client and Misty meet at the home for 1-hour strategy meeting. Client schedules three 3-hour sessions with Misty at the home over a 10-day period.

At the end of our work together, Client will receive a Kindle version of Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, as a gift to facilitate your progress now and for future reference.

Additional Information

Square Footage

1,200 sqft @ $600.00, 1,250 sqft @ $625.00, 1,300 sqft @ $650.00, 1,350 sqft @ $675.00, 1,400 sqft @ $700.00, 1,450 sqft @ $725.00, 1,500 sqft @ $750.00, 1,550 sqft @ $775.00, 1,600 sqft @ $800.00, 1,650 sqft @ $825.00, 1,700 sqft @ $850.00, 1,750 sqft @ $875.00, 1,800 sqft @ $900.00, 1,850 sqft @ $925.00, 1,900 sqft @ $950.00, 1,950 sqft @ $975.00, 2,000 sqft @ $1,000.00, 2,250 sqft @ $1,125.00, 2,500 sqft @ $1,250.00, 2,750 sqft @ $1,375.00, 3,250 Sqft @ $1,625, 3,500 sqft @ $1,750, 3.000 sqft @ $1,500.00, 3.000 sqft @ $1,750.00


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